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Hi!  I'm Abigail Turner, a professional, SAG-E voice actor experienced in character, creature, narration, and commercial work.  I'm currently based in Austin, TX, but willing to travel.  Training in martial arts for over a decade, acting since elementary school, and ever trotting the globe, I've found my passion in telling stories: new or old, quaint or bold.

Naturally having a mid ranged, energetic, warm voice, I've used my broad range to play roles of any age, gender, ethnicity, and species.  From kooky kids, to sarcastic teens, and comforting mothers, I'm here to bring something special to your project.  My native language is English and accent General American, though I'm frequently hired for the following accents: American Southern, American Midwest, New York, British RP, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, New Zealand, Australian, German, French, Russian, and Scandinavian.  Check out my reels and credits for a sample!  

What am I up to on the daily?  Drinking lots of tea.  Fitness & wellness.  Studying languages.  Writing novels and scripts.  Gaming.  Reading avidly.  Cuddling my cats. 

Keep up to date by following my socials!  IG & Twitter: @abigailturervo

Home Studio

Mic: Neumann TLM103
Audio Interface: SSL2+
Headphones: AKG K52

Connectivity: Source Connect Standard, Phone Patch, Google, Skype, Zoom, & more

Home Studio Sample ~ Raw
00:00 / 00:39
VO Training

Video Game Workshop: Cold Auditions & Being a Partner in the Booth with Zach Betka

Various workshops at SoundBox: LA with Neil Kaplan, Debi Derryberry, Tim Friedlander, Jamie Muffett
Acting For Animation with Charlie Adler
Character Acting Academy with Eliza Jane Schneider
Accents & Dialects Master Class with Eliza Jane Schneider
Voice Box (Narberth, PA) The Total Experience; Advanced

The Actor's Instrument: Voice with Thom Jones

MoCap Training

Introduction To MoCap at The Mocap Vaults w/ Richard Dorton

Heroes & Monsters I at The Mocap Vaults w/ Richard Dorton

CBQ I at The Mocap Vaults w/ Marc Morriseau

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